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Is Your Home Ready for its Movie Debut? Video Camera Inspection in Newport Beach

We’re guessing you don’t expect our plumbers to call “lights, camera, action” at your next plumbing appointment, but if your drains keep clogging, your home’s plumbing might be a candidate for video inspection. It may seem like a crazy concept, but video camera inspection is an excellent way for our plumbers to determine what’s causing a back-up in your plumbing, particularly if the clog is on repeat. If your plumbing is starting to feel like the movie, Groundhog Day, it may be time to call in the experts. Video Camera Inspection in Newport Beach The perk of video camera inspection is that our technicians can determine what’s causing those annoying blockages and also where exactly those blockages are occurring. Typically,...
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Top 5 Backyard Updates for Summer

If you’re like us, the coming warm weather has you already dreaming of backyard get-togethers and late night chats around the fire pit. Getting away to a vacation destination can be amazing, but a few simple backyard updates can transform your own home into a must-visit destination for your family and friends. Even though it’s nearly summer, the good news is that many of these updates can be quickly done in time for your big summer shindigs. So what are the top 5 backyard updates for summer 2015? Add or remodel your fire pit. There is nothing better than roasting marshmallows or sipping wine by a toasty fire. Unlike wood burning fire pits, gas pits won’t leave you or your...
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Bathroom Remodel Best Value-adds in Newport Beach

Whether or not you’re looking to sell your home right now, the right bathroom upgrades can improve your home’s value and quicken the sales process once you’ve decide it’s time to move. Even if you don’t have plans to budge – ever – certain upgrades can improve the experience and appearance of your washroom for you and your guests. Utilizing an experienced plumber and general contractor can help insure that your remodel runs smoothly and looks beautiful once it’s completed....
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Top Plumbing Tips That Can Save You Money and Repairs

Being a homeowner comes with many benefits – new walk-in showers, or king sized bathtubs, anyone? – and also many risks. In earthquake country, we’ll bet you know how to turn off your gas lines in an emergency and you probably know how to shut down your power in case of electrical issues, but do you know how to protect your home from plumbing disasters? Learning these basic plumbing tips can save money and costly plumbing repairs by preventing or controlling leaking pipes in your Newport Beach home. Learn the top home plumbing facts you should show about your home: Learn how to shut off plumbing appliances and fixtures. Understanding how to turn off your water heater or stop water...
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Does Your Newport Beach Home Need a Tankless Water Heater?

Sometimes, home “remodels” don’t need extensive demolition and construction projects to make you fall in love with your house again. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple upgrade to make your place feel luxurious and refreshed. A simple upgrade like a tankless water heater can make your Orange County Home feel like a vacation spot or a new home, thanks to continuous warm water for baths, house guests, and your home needs. Does your Newport Beach home need a tankless water heater?...
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