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Electronic Leak Detection in Newport Beach Can Save You Money

The health of your property greatly relies on the health of your plumbing. Making sure that your home is free from leaks can prevent serious and costly repairs later on down the road. Unless you see a change in the appearance of your hardwood floor or you notice your water bill has been creeping up, it’s sometimes difficult to determine if you have a leak in your plumbing....
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Water-Saving Tips During California’s Drought

California is currently experiencing one of the worse droughts that the state has had in its entire history. Now more than ever it is important to preserve water. Readjusting some habits and taking the time to check your plumbing can not only provide significant saving on your water bill each month, but it can also reserve water for important necessities like crops and drinking water. Newport Beach Plumbers, D.C. Drains Inc., can help your home become more water-efficient....
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Installing Gas Lines in Your Home

Before you begin any remodel it is important to consider what you want to achieve with all the changes you are about to make. Are you changing the function of your kitchen? Will you be replacing all your appliances, or just a few? Are you re-finishing a cement patio in the backyard, or are you adding a BBQ or fire pit? Pre-selecting which fixtures and appliances you will be swapping or upgrading can save you both time and money when your general contractor begins the remodel. Why? Because when it comes to appliances there is a wide variety of both gas and electric options – and knowing which kind you are going to install can make all the difference when...
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Clean Out Installations in Newport Beach

When it comes to catastrophic plumbing business, a main line stoppage is a serious contender. A main line stoppage is the mother of all drain clogs and will cause all your plumbing to back up throughout the entire house. Luckily, years ago, a genius little invention was conjured up in the plumber labs called a clean out. The clean out, or sewer clean out, is an exterior sewer line that taps into the plumbing and allows an additional entry point into your drainage system for a plumber to access, drain, and clean out your main plumbing line without stepping foot in the house. That means no tools, no noise, no traffic in and out of your house. Unfortunately, not all...
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Backflow Testing in California

While the topic of backflow testing may not be the most exciting of home care topics, if you are a homeowner in the state of California you know that by law your property is required to pass a backflow test each year. If you’re a recent homeowner, this may be news to you. Backflow testing in Newport Beach or any other city in Orange County city is required, but it doesn’t have to be a frustrating or time consuming experience. Learn what backflow testing actually is, and how D.C. Drains Inc. can make this yearly test “clog free”....
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