4 Plumbing Problems for Beach Homes and Waterfront Properties

The stretch along the Pacific Coast Highway has some of the most beautiful homes with luscious landscaping and picturesque views of the ocean. Many call this place home, enjoy their beachfront properties primarily as vacation homes, or rent them out during the summer season. With this prime location comes an increase in certain vulnerabilities to your property than you would normally see further in-land or in drier climate.

Here are four common plumbing issues that can wreak havoc on your beach home and how to avoid them.

1.  Sand in the Pipes

If your property happens to be right on the beach, then you know that it’s incredibly difficult to keep sand outside of the house. With kids playing on the beach and running throughout the house, it’s hard to say where the beach ends and your house begins with all of the sand being tracked in. Beach sand can get everywhere, and not just the floors. Sand can end up in the shower drains or tossed into the washer with clothes. These are more sensitive drains and aren’t meant to handle such granules. To prevent buildup, after a day at the beach, hose off outside to remove as much sand as possible. It’s inevitable that sand will eventually find its way into your pipes. When you notice slow drainage it’s important to contact us to clear your pipes before it grows into a much larger issue.

2.  Moist Air

If you’re fortunate enough to have a waterfront property, you’ve probably capitalized on this view by installing a terrace, balcony, or deck overlooking the gorgeous ocean. But if your deck or balcony is in damp, moist air most of the time, any slow leaking faucets or pipes can eventually compound the problem and compromise the structure. The longer it goes untreated, the bigger it’ll get, driving up the cost of repair and making your property susceptible to water damage. We can use our electronic leak detection tools to locate the source of the leak to ensure that outflows are fixed permanently, rather than simply patched over.

3.  Scaling/Mineral Buildup

California is known for its hard water. While hard drinking water has some moderate health benefits, it can cause serious issues with plumbing. Scaling is a piping problem that occurs when mineral buildup decreases the pipe diameter, restricting flow. This mineral buildup is mainly a problem in the pressurized water line or where hard water evaporates. Just as stalactites form in caves due to dripping water that is saturated with salts that do not dissolve as well as sodium salt, calcium chloride crystallizes on the inside of the pipe. If you are experiencing low water pressure or if your entire pipe is blocked, it’s time to call in the professionals as your pipes may need to be removed and cleaned.

4.  Entertaining

If you use your property mainly for entertaining purposes or as a vacation rental, remember that your guests will be unfamiliar with the limitations of your home. Provide helpful signage about what can and cannot go down the toilet and in the garbage disposal. This will help to prevent clogged drains caused by human error. The last thing you want is an overflowing toilet during that all-important party.

As with most situations, proper planning prevents poor performance. Understanding what issues your property is more likely to experience and putting into place solid prevention procedures may allow you to increase the timespan between plumbing repairs and lower the cost of maintenance. Contact us at (949) 689-7021 to set up an appointment if you are experiencing any of the issues described above or if you’d like for us check your property for vulnerabilities and set up a maintenance schedule.

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