7 Steps to Getting Your Beach Vacation Rental Ready for Summer

A clean environment is crucial to the success of any vacation rental business. As a business owner in the hospitality industry, it is your responsibility to provide a well-maintained property. Orange County, CA is experiencing warmer weather by the day, which means vacation season has begun. Before you start renting, there are steps you need to take to ensure your guests have an exceptional experience. These steps can help increase repeat bookings and encourage guests to recommend your property to friends and family.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid problems. Nonetheless, you don’t need to hire a property management company just to get cleaning or maintenance services. Hiring a maintenance company on call can save you money than if you were to hire a property management company.

Here are 7 steps to ensure your plumbing is ready for summer vacationers and stays that way:

  1. Set up regular appointments with a professional such as DC Drains to inspect and perform necessary maintenance on your plumbing.
  2. A few weeks prior to the first rental date, conduct a meticulous room-by-room walk-through, checking for leaky faucets or any other plumbing problems.
  3. Clean grouting and rubber seals often to prevent the build-up of mold or mildew and replace as soon as they get stained.
  4. Between each changeover, ensure that your cleaning service vacuums or mop the floors to prevent hairs from getting into the pipes.
  5. In addition, have the cleaning service remove any hairs from the drains and tubs which can cause unnecessary blockages.
  6. Place a plunger next to each toilet to allow guests to deal with basic problems if needed.
  7. Place helpful tips around the house detailing what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet or down the disposal. Even better is if you have an orientation guide for your guests to review at the onset of their stay that includes a disclaimer such as:

IMPORTANT: Please help us prevent plumbing emergencies.

Do not dispose of anything in the sinks or toilets that can be put in the trash. 

Do not put any food down the disposal, including coffee grounds, vegetable or fruit peels, rice, spaghetti, or egg shells.

Do not flush sanitary products, plastics, “flushable” wipes or any “flushable” products, paper towels, etc. down the toilet.

We want you to enjoy your vacation and not be interrupted with any plumbing backups. Thank you for your cooperation.

A well-maintained vacation rental can generate great income for you through regular cash flow. If you decide to sell the property in the future, your prospective buyers will be impressed by your maintenance record and attracted to your regular bookings. Plus, if you maintain the home regularly, there is less chance for small manageable issues to progress into costly repairs in the future.

To get the plumbing of your vacation rental property ready for summer, contact DC Drains to set up an appointment and ask about our regularly scheduled maintenance plans.

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