How to Identify The Best Plumber

The term best plumber will always be subjective. Everybody’s reviews online will always have somebody that wasn’t perfectly pleased or got rubbed the wrong way. It’s human nature to be offended, and to post that offense on the web. That’s okay. But when looking for a great plumber, perhaps even the best plumber, there are some qualities and characteristics that are more objective than subjective. Here’s a quick list of easy ways to identify a good plumber:

  1. The best plumber will be professionally educated.  Sure, there will be understudies that are still in training, but a great plumbing company will have professionals educated in plumbing technologies from an accredited institution. 
  2. The best plumber will be fully licensed and insured. This sounds obvious but you may be surprised. If a plumber is fully licensed it means he or she has thousands of apprentice hours, has passed a criminal background, has passed a very extensive licensing exam involving complex math, engineering and problem solving, and has commercial insurance. Before you hire any plumber, ensure they are fully licensed.
  3. The best plumber will be on time. Your time is valuable, and needs to be respected. A good plumber will understand that and be on time, or will notify you if for some reason they are not.
  4. The best plumber will educate you as they go. It can be frustrating to be left in the dark when it comes to repairs made on your home, or spoken down to when you inquire about understanding the problem and the solution.  A great plumber will be patient with you and educate you on their findings, the causes and the solutions as they go.
  5. The best plumber will communicate a clear, accurate estimate. The key here is clear communication. Estimates are estimates, and plumbers can’t predict the future. A good plumber will keep you apprised with any changes in the initial estimate based on what they find.
  6. The best plumber will be careful. Notice how they treat your home, the job, their tools. A meticulous, careful plumber will most likely do a better job on your repair as they spend time to ensure the job is done right.
  7. The best plumber will stand by their work. Nobody is perfect, not even the best plumber, but if a mistake was made, a great plumber will take responsibility for the mistake and remedy the problem.
  8. The best plumber will be professional. Throughout your entire interaction, from the initial phone call to waving goodbye, a great plumber will be professional. Professionalism is manifest in a variety of ways, such as kind, patient, thorough, honest and efficient. The moment you start interacting with a plumbing company, take note of their overall professionalism. If you notice something questionable, don’t hesitate to shop around.


The world of online reviews can be very helpful, but they will always be subjective. Instead of relying wholly on the opinions and experiences of others, try to also include your own analysis as you add this checklist to your repertoire when looking for a great plumber.

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