Plumbing School: Get Educated on Caring for Your Home Plumbing

Plumbing is one of those modern conveniences we tend to take for granted when things run smoothly. It’s easy to forget that just like a car or your personal health, plumbing requires regular maintenance to ensure you don’t experience a late-night emergency. Knowing how to care for your home plumbing can mean the difference between affordable upkeep and an expensive, unexpected repair. To ensure your home is surprise-free, take our “back to school” refresher course on protecting your home plumbing.

Backflow Testing. Did you know annual backflow testing is required in the state of California by law? We make it easy to ensure you’re compliant by completing the testing, making repairs (if necessary), certifying your backflow device, and submitting all paperwork to the city or water provider for you. All you have to do is call and make an appointment.

Catch Leaks Early. Small pin-hole leaks may seem like no big issue, but a small drip can turn into big problems for homeowners, especially if the leak causes issues with the foundation. If you suspect that your home has a water or gas leak, our team of plumbers can find and fix a leak using electronic leak detection.

Install a clean out line. Is a clean out line necessary? Yes and no. Sure you can still have sewer line repairs completed without installing a clean out line, however, a clean out line can prevent the need for more invasive methods to unclog a sewer line. Installing a clean out line can minimize the need for a plumber to bring heavy equipment into your home or to run a roof vent along the top of your home.

Replace old pipes. Most pipes are designed to last the lifetime of the homeowner (at least), but if you’ve recently purchased a home and the previous owner had not replaced the pipes, you may want to consider replacing old pipe with new copper pipes. Old pipes run the risk of leaks, flooding, and rusty water. Ask our family-owned plumbing company for a quote to replace old piping in your home.

Prevent root damage to pipes. California homeowners are at risk for roots damaging their sewer and drain lines because of California’s long growth seasons. We offer a product that can prevent roots from growing in your pipes. When applied yearly, our clients report less root damage and positive results.

Knowing how to care for your home plumbing can be tricky. Our expert technicians can help you keep your home healthy through monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance visits. To schedule an appointment with our Orange County plumbing company, please call us at 949-689-7021.

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