Rooter and Drain Cleaning in Southern California

While the rest of the country is blanketed in snow, California is already starting to feel like spring (and even summer with these warm breezes we’ve been having)! With warm weather comes plant growth, which can make your yard look great but your plumbing a disaster. Some of our most frequent calls are related to pipes blocked by water-seeking roots that work their way into the sewer lines or main pipes of your home. Catching growth before pipes become impacted is essential to preventing difficult clogs, expensive repairs, or damage. Additionally, rootering pipes can also clean out drains and pipes clogged by grease, hair, sludge, or other foreign objects. D.C. Drains, your family-owned Newport Beach plumber, explains the best way to stay ahead of frustrating clogs.

Clog Prevention Tips:
Schedule regular rootering appointments. There is nothing worse than a shower turning into a bath because your drains are not properly doing their job. Regular maintenance can help against build-up and root growth.
Ask about root prevention treatments. Did you know that D.C. Drains can apply a product that will help prevent root growth for up to a year? Our clients have reported positive results and reduced damage to pipes after having us come out and treat their home plumbing.
Be aware of what goes down the drain. Avoid putting oils and certain foods like rice down the drain. Additionally, if your hair sheds a lot during a shower, consider purchasing a shield to trap hair from slipping down the shower drain.

What to do if you already have a clogged drain:
Call a pro. You may be able to clear some drains on your own, but deep clogs or pipes filled with roots require the help of a plumber to manage stubborn blockages. Our Newport Beach plumbers offer over 15 years of experience tending to the properties of our Orange County clients. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to snake and clean drain lines of any size. Additionally, we offer 24/7 emergency service if your drains require immediate attention.

D.C. Drains Inc. offers a full spectrum of plumbing services, including video camera inspection to source sneaky leaks, clean out installations, electronic leak detection, copper re-piping, and back flow testing and repairs. To learn more about plumbing services available in Newport Beach, schedule a consultation with our Plumbing and General Contracting company by calling 949-689-7021.

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