Should You Install a Clean Out Line in Your Home?

Clogs in your home plumbing are a never appreciated but very common factor of being a homeowner or renter. The reality is that most people will deal with a clog or two in their home each year (and sometimes more!). Often a clog can be corrected with simple techniques such as using a plunger or in more stubborn cases, a rooter. In most cases the clog can be accessed at the source: a stuffed up sink, a blocked toilet, or a pooling shower drain. In other cases the clog may lay deeper below in the sewer line. Unfortunately, when a sewer line is clogged it may require more invasive methods to access a sewer line inside your home. Another option is installing a clean-out outside the home.

What is a clean-out line?
A clean-out line is a sewer access line that is installed outside, rather than inside the home.

What is the benefit of installing a plumbing clean-out line?
One major benefit of a clean-out line is that it reduces the need for the plumber to bring heavy equipment into your home or for the plumber to run a roof vent along the top of your home. Most sewer maintenance can be completed outside without the risk damaging anything inside your living space.

Will installing a clean-out line damage your property?
Installing a clean-out line will require digging a few feet to access the home’s main sewer line. Our company can determine where to dig to reduce disturbing your property. If the clean out line is below concrete, our skilled technicians can repair the area so that the concrete looks new again.

If your home does not already have an outside clean-out line, you may want to consider adding one to simplify plumbing repairs and reduce heavy plumbing equipment from entering your home. Our family owned and ran Orange County plumbing company has helped many clients successfully install clean-out lines for their home. Ask us for a sewer clean-out installation quote by calling 949-689-7021.

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