The Biggest Plumbing Mistakes You Can Make

Ever wondered what the biggest plumbing no no’s are? Some mistakes are easily forgivable, but others, not so much. You might be surprised what can do some serious damage and leave you needing a professional plumber. Here’s a quick list so you know what not to do.



1. Abusing your garbage disposal. 

Some of us forget the difference between the garbage and a garbage disposal. There is a difference. Your garbage disposal is not indestructible, capable of disposing all things imaginable. It is a device that helps break up small waste so it can freely drain through your system. If you find yourself asking the question, hmm … should I just throw this in the trash? – the answer is yes.

2. Placing too much weight on plumbing fixtures.

I bet if we were to take a look at your shower head, we’d see some type of rack or fixture hanging from it. This is generally okay, until you start housing all your king sized shampoos and conditioners. Too much weight on those pipes and fixtures can cause leaks or even breakage.

3. Dumping down your drains.

The main issue with dumping whatever you want down your drains is backup. It could be the remains from a DIY project or even grease from your home made french fries, but what usually happens is your liquid goes down as liquid, and either leaves the solids behind or becomes the solid once it cools. Dump responsibly and avoid backup.

4. Excess use of force.

Just because you turn your leaky faucet’s handles super hard, doesn’t mean it’s going to help stop that leak. One of the biggest problems we see with broken hardware is homeowners simply using too much force. If it leaks, it’s not because you’re turning the handle too soft.

5. Too excited for your new water heater.

We see this one all the time. You get a new water heater. You’re told to fill it all the way up before you use it. But seeing everything all hooked up, and looking nice is too tempting and you use it anyway. What can happen?  If you turn on your water heater before it’s full of water, it can burn out. You need to fill it up with water, take the air bubbles out by running water, then turn it on.

6. Hurrying your fixes.

If you do decide to tackle a DIY plumbing job (we advise not to mess with water pressure) make sure you leave yourself enough time to do the job right. The night before your mother-in-law comes into town is probably not the best time to be tackling a serious plumbing job. Pro Tip: If you’re not using a level, you’re going too fast.

7. Over confidence in your fixes.

We know it’s your home, but that doesn’t mean you have to be able to fix everything. Don’t feel like you’re a failure if you don’t do all your plumbing fixes yourself. Compare changing your oil to rebuilding your transmission. Some jobs not only require professional experience and training, but also professional, expensive tools just to actually do the job. If you’ve come to terms with the fact that you need help, we know of no better number to call the team at D.C. Drains.

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