Top Plumbing Tips That Can Save You Money and Repairs

Being a homeowner comes with many benefits – new walk-in showers, or king sized bathtubs, anyone? – and also many risks. In earthquake country, we’ll bet you know how to turn off your gas lines in an emergency and you probably know how to shut down your power in case of electrical issues, but do you know how to protect your home from plumbing disasters? Learning these basic plumbing tips can save money and costly plumbing repairs by preventing or controlling leaking pipes in your Newport Beach home. Learn the top home plumbing facts you should show about your home:

  • Learn how to shut off plumbing appliances and fixtures. Understanding how to turn off your water heater or stop water flow in your toilet can prevent flooding or leaks. Walk through your home and make sure you know the location of each knob and valve.

  • Educate yourself on reading your water meter and bill. Learning how to read your water bill and reviewing it each month can help you catch leaks before they become a larger issue. The water company should be able to walk you through understanding the bill and meter.
  • Learn how to shut off water directed to the water heater. In circumstances where you are having a water heater issue, learning how to shut off the water directed to the water heater can still allow general water use in your home until the heater has been fixed.
  • Slip a drip pan under the water heater. Prevent damage and catch leaks early on by making sure your water heater is equipped with a drip pan.
  • Know your home or business’ water pressure. With water pressure we tend to think the more pressure the better, but that’s not entirely true. While water pressure makes for a great shower, too much can actually damage your pipes and cause leaks or bursts. Not great. In fact, it’s the top cause of leaks in homes and businesses. Aim for water pressure under 80 psi. Monitor it yourself with a water pressure gauge, or call your water company to run a quick test.
  • Know the location of your air conditioning lines. If you’re lucky enough to have A/C in California, knowing where the A/C lines are in your home is a must. Because air conditioners produce condensation, it’s important to make sure the water is draining properly.
  • Learn how to shut off your water. By now you may know how to shut off a running toilet or an overflowing sink, but do you know how to shut off your water at the meter? Your home may have a separate shut off in the house, too. It’s essential to understand how to operate them. In case water valves are old or there is high pressure, use caution when turning them on or off.
  • Know the location of the clean out plugs for your sewer line. Do you use a sewer or septic system? Know the location of the plugs is the first step to fixing clogs or backups in your home’s plumbing.

Understanding the basics when it comes to your home plumbing can prevent expensive repairs and reduce your risk of undetected leaks. To learn more about our Newport Beach plumbing and general contractor services, contact our family company at 949-689-7021.

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