Backflow Testing in California

While the topic of backflow testing may not be the most exciting of home care topics, if you are a homeowner in the state of California you know that by law your property is required to pass a backflow test each year. If you’re a recent homeowner, this may be news to you. Backflow testing in Newport Beach or any other city in Orange County city is required, but it doesn’t have to be a frustrating or time consuming experience. Learn what backflow testing actually is, and how D.C. Drains Inc. can make this yearly test “clog free”.

What is Backflow?
Backflow happens when the flow of water reverses and sends tainted water back into the public drinking water system. Backflow typically happens because of backpressure – when downstream pressure rises above the supply pressure and forces water back into the fresh supply. Some common causes of backflow include pumps, temperature increases in boilers, a drop in pressure, main line breaks, and misaligned elevation of water pipes and fittings.

Why is Backflow Testing Necessary?
These days many places in the world have access to fresh, potable water – a benefit we typically take for granted until tainted water (backflow) re-enters the fresh water supply making water unsafe to consume. Backflow testing is essential because it ensures that no unsafe water is entering a fresh water supply.

What Could Be a Backflow Hazard in My Home?

•  Irrigation systems
•  Solar heating systems
•  Pressure improving systems
•  Pools and Spas
•  Wells
•  Hose bibs
•  Boilers
•  Radiant heat systems
•  Ponds
•  Fountains
•  Rain water collection systems
•  Reclaimed water

Hassle-Free Backflow Testing
According to the state of California and The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1986, owners are responsible for the checking their properties every year for possible backflow issues. Our technicians are specialized in testing Backflow Prevention Devices and will take care of any repairs needed to pass the device (if any) as well as complete and submit required paperwork. All you need to do is set an appointment.

D.C. Drains has been serving Newport Beach and Orange County cities for over 15 years. We offer beautiful custom remodels, general contracting, plumbing services, and will respond to 24/7 plumbing emergency needs. Call us to learn more about our family owned and operated company at 949-689-7021.

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