Ho-Ho-Home Remodels: The Perfect Holiday Gift Idea

Planning a holiday party, getting the family Christmas cards out, and picking out the perfect gift for a loved one can make the holidays feel like a full-contact sport. There is enough stress with scheduling an event that everyone can attend, booking a photographer, decorating the house, and managing work flow with shorter holidays hours. We get it. This Christmas, remove the task of buying your loved one a traditional Christmas gift! Give the gift of “wow” with a new remodel. Think a remodel is out of your gift allowance? We offer affordable home remodels for a wide range of budgets. But how do you know which remodel will be best for your loved one? Follow our guide for picking a perfect remodel based on their interests and personality:

Outdoor Entertainer
This person loves to be outside BBQing up a storm or tending to the garden. Our team can transform a ho-hum backyard into an entertaining oasis. Pick from smaller updates like installing a gas line for a built-in BBQ or new concrete for your patio. New sprinkler systems or a fresh stucco exterior for the home can also liven up your home’s exterior. Ask us about affordable home remodels.

Kitchen Commander
If your partner has been talking about holiday baking since March, we’d label them as kitchen commander. Cooks thrill at updates to their kitchen and cooking areas. Updating an electric stove with a gas lines and a gas stove can make the kitchen feel new. Small projects like new tile or granite, fixtures, or cabinetry can gloss up established kitchens. If you want to really wow them, consider surprising them with the promise of an entire kitchen remodel (that they can design). Our team can help you plan the remodel while working within your budget.

Lounging Lover
If getting lost in a book or flick is what your partner considers the perfect weekend, then adding built-shelves to house his/her favorite books, or creating a custom built-in entertainment center would be a great gift idea. Also, adding a small study to your home can create a personal book-worm nook or private lounge.

Heavenly Houseguest
Have a loved one that you enjoy hosting in your home? Surprise them with their own guest room via an addition or guest cottage on your property. If you have a room in your home that doesn’t get used often, give it a face-lift by adding a bathroom and even a separate entrance, too. Our team can help you decide what works best with your property and home layout.

This holiday season, rather than give another item that will sit on a shelf, surprise your spouse, parents, or partner with a thoughtful, lasting gift. Our Newport Beach general construction and plumbing teams are highly experienced at delivering gorgeous home remodels that remain beautiful for years. Call us at 949-689-7021 for a quote and for answers about how we can help make your holiday gift ideas come true.

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