Stucco Maintenance Tips

If you live in California, most likely the exterior of your home is finished with stucco. Popular for finishing Spanish-inspired houses (particularly in Southern California), stucco is a relatively long-lasting, inexpensive way to jazz up the exterior of your home. Additionally, there are many ways to apply stucco, which is why many people select this versatile finish. Although stucco seems very sturdy, it can struggle with wet climates. Learn the tips to maintain it and your stucco will stay gorgeous for decades.

Stucco Maintenance:
Keep Stucco Dry – Stucco does best in areas with little rainfall, like Southern California. Very damp areas can cause damage and result in peeling and cracking of stucco, particularly at the base of your home. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of moisture, consider another siding option.

Use Masonry Paint – One of the main benefits of stucco is that it doesn’t require frequent painting to maintain its color. If you’re ready to change the color of your home, make sure to use long-lasting masonry paint, which penetrates the stucco instead of coating the surface. Painting can also prevent water damage by covering and sealing small cracks that may pop-up as your home settles.

Remove Stains –
If you see stains popping up on your stucco, occasional scrub-downs with warm water, a scrub brush, and a mild bleach solution can remove stains and even fight mold. Additionally, using a spray attachment (with a PSI of no more than 600) on a hose can help remove dirt and debris.

Benefits of Stucco:

  • Long Lasting – Various reports have said that properly installed stucco can last as long as 50 to 100 years with minimal upkeep from the homeowners.
  • Improves Insulation – Keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by finishing your home with insulating stucco.
  • Affordable – Stucco is one of the least expensive siding options a homeowner can select when finishing the exterior of their home. Throw in the durability to last a lifetime and a reduction in utility spending and stucco seems unbeatable.
  • Easy Maintenance – Unlike some home siding that requires regular painting every few years, stucco takes very little maintenance from busy homeowners.

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