When Should You Re-Pipe Your Home in Southern California?

Just like the pipes or hoses in cars, washing machines, and vacuums, your home also requires new pipes occasionally thanks to wear, tear, and age. Luckily, re-piping a home needs to be done infrequently, especially if you use a licensed, skilled plumber in Newport Beach, like DC Drains who uses durable “L” copper pipe. Re-piping your home can seem like a daunting or expensive project, but the reality is that waiting until there is an emergency can result in costly repairs and even in damage to your slab that does not have to be covered by your insurance! Instead of experiencing surprise replacement costs and additional expenses for damages, consider updating deteriorating pipes if your home is old or you have noticed leaks.

When to Replace the Pipes in Your Home:

  • If your home has galvanized pipes
  • You are experiencing problems with slab leaks
  • You have frequent pinhole leaks
  • Rusty water flows from your faucets, especially after you return from a vacation
  • Your home has low water pressure
  • If your home is older than 60 years
  • If the pipes show signs of discoloration, dimpling, or flaking
  • During a renovation

How Long Does Re-piping Your Home Take?
Depending on which materials you use and how large your home is, re-piping your home can take anywhere from one to three days for a modest sized home.

How Much Does Re-piping Cost?
Costs vary depending on the type of material used (copper is more costly than PVC piping), how large your home is, and how much labor will be required to complete the work. For more specific pricing our skilled plumbers can come to your home to help build a quote. Contact them now.

Why Should I Re-pipe During a Renovation?
One benefit of re-piping during a renovation is that the contractor is already in the bones of your home, so reaching the piping is much more simple and typically will save you some costs on labor

How Often Should Pipes be Redone?
Brass, Galvanized steel, and cast iron can last between 80-100 years. Copper typically lasts 70-80 years. And PVC piping has a lifetime of 25-40 years. Based on the climate of your home, your pipes may not last as long as the above time frames. If your pipes have been poorly maintained or your area has hard water, the life of your pipes may be significantly shorter.

Many homes in Southern California were built during the housing boom from the 1930s to 1960s. In many of these properties, the piping is still original. If you think your home’s pipes are in need of a replacement, our team of skilled Newport Beach plumbers can come analyze your home and recommend replacement options, if necessary.

To receive a quote for plumbing services in Orange County, call our Newport Beach Plumbers at (949) 689-7021.

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