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Someone smelling backflow in their home.

The Dangers of Plumbing Backflow

Owning a home is a big responsibility. There’s a lot to take care of and a lot you might not know about until something goes wrong in your home. When it comes to your plumbing, backflow is something you do not want to get wrong. Here’s what you need to know so you can call … [Read More]

A newly installed sink in Costa Mesa

Plumbing Fixtures Your Local Plumber Can (and Should!) Install

Our plumbers from DC Drains will install any plumbing fixtures that you want to use in your house. Before we leave, we’ll make sure the new fixture is working just the way you need it to and that you’re satisfied with our work! We can also provide ideas about fixtures that will work well and … [Read More]

An example of backflow in a Costa Mesa home

Everything You Need to Know About Backflow Testing

When you need a backflow tester in Costa Mesa, contact us at DC Drains. California does require this testing, but there are many backflow testing benefits that you can reap in addition to meeting the state’s requirements. Here’s what you need to know. What is Backflow Testing? Certified backflow testing in Costa Mesa will ensure … [Read More]

Tankless water heater in Costa Mesa

Which Water Heater is Best For You?

Did you know that you have options for water heaters in Costa Mesa? You don’t just have to replace your current heater with one that is exactly like it. You could get a heat pump water heater, a high-efficiency water heater in Costa Mesa, or even a tankless water heater installation. Get a water heater … [Read More]

Conserve Water at Home Starting Today

Did you know you can conserve water at home by taking some simple steps with your home’s plumbing? It’s true. Here’s how to optimize your plumbing to save water and help the planet today. Find Leaks and Fix Them Fast! Do you have leaks or do you suspect that you have them? Call for slab … [Read More]

Hydro Jetting for the Environment

Are you considering hydro jet drain cleaning in Costa Mesa? One great reason to clean your drains this way is that it is good for the environment. You can do your part to leave as little impact on the earth as possible while still making your plumbing run better than it has before. What is … [Read More]

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