Save Money on Your Next Water Bill

Do you feel like your water bills are too high? Do you care a lot about the environment and you’d love to save some water? No matter your reasoning, it’s always a good idea to try to use less water. This can be great for the planet and great for your wallet, too. Here are some ways to get started.

Install Low-Flow Appliances

You can install  toilets, faucets, and shower heads that use less water. You will need to take care, as some of these don’t work as well as their regular counterparts, since they don’t send as much water your way. Specifically, you should be wary of some older model low-flow toilets. If you’d like to find water-saving appliances, your friendly DC Drains & Plumbing plumber in Costa Mesa can recommend quality products.

Turn Off the Water

Do you keep the water running while you’re brushing your teeth, shaving your legs, or lathering your dishes? If you shut it off, then turn it back on again when you need it, you won’t use as much water. There’s no reason to just let the water run down the drain when every drop costs money.

Take Shorter Showers

When you take a bath or a shower, you use quite a bit of water. Instead of staying in the water for 30+ minutes, try cutting your showers down to 10-15 minutes. If you really like the steam or the warmth, run the hot shower for a while, until your bathroom steams up. Then close the doors and the windows and turn off the fan, and turn off your hot water, too. You can still enjoy your warm steam for quite a while. 

Don’t Run Half Loads in the Dishwasher

Your dishwasher uses the same amount of water whether it is all the way full or half-full. Thus, you’ll save money when you run it when it’s full because you won’t have to run as many loads. It may be a bit inconvenient but it will be worth the hassle when you’re spending less money on water!

Keep Cold Water in Your Fridge

If you like to drink your cold water, you don’t have to stand at the tap and wait for the water to cool down. Instead, you can keep cool water in a pitcher in your fridge. That way, you’ll have instant access to cold water whenever you want it, but you won’t have to waste lukewarm water to get it. 

Anyone can save money on their water bill. It takes some intentional action and a bit of time to figure out what will work best for you. If you have questions about how to save water, call us. We’ll send out a plumber in Costa Mesa or the surrounding areas from DC Drains & Plumbing to help you figure out solutions that will work for you.

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