Conserve Water at Home Starting Today

Did you know you can conserve water at home by taking some simple steps with your home’s plumbing? It’s true. Here’s how to optimize your plumbing to save water and help the planet today.

Find Leaks and Fix Them Fast!

Outdoor water leak in need of repair

Do you have leaks or do you suspect that you have them? Call for slab leak detection in Costa Mesa today! We’ll find your leaks and fix them fast so your home doesn’t waste water and so you don’t have to pay for more water than you’re actually using.

Install Easy Plumbing Upgrades that Save Water

Some easy efficient plumbing upgrades can make your home run better and conserve water. We can handle your high-efficiency toilet installation. And don’t worry! These units flush so much better than older low-water models!

We can also install more efficient shower heads, as well as aerators on your faucets. Before long, you’ll have the most efficient plumbing system in your neighborhood.

Perform Needed Plumbing Repairs ASAP

If your home needs plumbing repairs, get those done. Broken plumbing tends to use more water than it needs to, even if you don’t have leaks. Not sure if you need plumbing repairs? Call us for a plumbing system evaluation today. We’ll help you get more efficient plumbing fast!

Turn Off the Water Whenever You Can

One easy way to save water is to turn off your water whenever possible. If it’s raining, don’t run your sprinklers that day. If you’re shaving or washing, turn off the water in the shower. These little steps can go a long way toward saving water, and may do more than a more expensive high-efficiency toilet installation or other more costly investments.

Recycle Water for Use Outdoors

If you want the most efficient plumbing system around, start recycling water that you use indoors for outdoor use. You don’t want to save water with chemicals or soap in it, since those can damage your landscaping, but other water can be saved and reused outside. There are a variety of systems we can help you install that will reuse your water.

If everyone does their part, we can use less water, which is good for the whole planet. From leak detection in Costa Mesa or sewer services, to staying on top of plumbing repairs, every little bit that you do will help the earth to thrive. Call us at DC Drains & Plumbing today if you want help making your plumbing more efficient.

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