DC Drains & Plumbing performing plumbing services in Brea.

When you need Brea plumbing help, call us at DC Drains & Plumbing right away. We’ll send out a pro ASAP and get your plumbing problems taken care of fast.

Brea Plumbing Services

We are the Brea plumbing company that can help you out, no matter what you need. From plumbing repairs to plumbing installation in Brea, and everything in between, we can do the job right.

Brea Slab Leak Detection & Repair

Most homeowners don’t think about the foundation of their home until it has problems. Call us for Brea slab leak detection and repair as soon as you notice a problem. We’ll fix it fast so you can be on solid ground again.

Gas Line Services in Brea

Our plumbers can also repair your gas lines or install new ones. Call us whenever you need gas line services in Brea.

Brea Backflow Testing

We’ll handle all of your Brea backflow testing and certification needs. Our team will work with you no matter what your situation is to help you meet state and local requirements.

Sewer Services in Brea

We also offer a complete line of sewer services in Brea.

Sewer Cleaning in Brea

We’ll complete your sewer cleaning in Brea fast, so you’ll be able to use your system normally again soon

Most of the time, we use hydro jetting in Brea to clean out your lines and leave them looking brand new!

Brea Sewer Replacement

When it’s time for a new sewer line, we’ll handle your Brea sewer replacement with skill. Stop stressing out about it and let us take care of everything!

Brea Sewer Ejector Pumps

If your Brea sewer ejector pumps aren’t working, you could be in a lot of trouble. Let us fix them or replace them so you won’t have to feel anxious anymore.

Video Camera Inspection in Brea

Find out exactly what is going on in your drains or your sewer line with our video camera inspection in Brea. We’ll get you a recording afterwards, so you can make wise decisions about what to do next.

Brea Drain Trenchless Sewer Repair

Whenever we can, we’ll fix your sewer using Brea drain trenchless sewer repair. These methods let us fix your sewer without digging up your yard!

Commercial Plumbing in Brea

We can meet all of your needs surrounding commercial plumbing in Brea, too. We know that commercial customers have different needs than residential customers, which is why we keep commercial plumbing experts on staff. Call to schedule an appointment with one today!

Reach out to us at DC Drains & Plumbing, your Brea plumbing company that is ready to meet all of your plumbing needs. Call now or whenever you need plumbing help at home. We’ll have an expert at your house soon and we won’t rest until your plumbing needs are taken care of. Call to schedule your appointment now!

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