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Are you looking for help with backflow testing or backflow prevention in Anaheim? Do you have water and flood stops that need repair or replacement? Then contact us at DC Drains & Plumbing today.

No matter what kind of testing, installations, or repairs your system needs, we have you covered. Our experts have worked with backflow prevention for years, so they will be able to help you implement the solutions you’ve been looking for. 

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What is Backflow?

When water flows into a structure, it’s supposed to only travel in one direction. However, the pressure inside your pipes can fluctuate, causing the water to flow backwards, back into the main supply line.

If the water has been contaminated in any way, like by pesticides, chlorine from your pool, soap, or even human waste, it then contaminates the entire water supply. Learn more about backflow in this comprehensive blog.

Do I Need/Have a Backflow Prevention Device?

Backflow prevention devices stop water from flowing backwards. Instead, they only permit water to flow one way: into your structure. 

Most structures that require backflow devices are built with them already installed. However, if your building was built before codes required these devices, then you may not have one. Backflow prevention devices are more common in commercial buildings than in homes, though you may have them in either location.

The best way to find out whether you have one and whether you need one is to have your system inspected by a professional plumber. 

Backflow Testing

You need your backflow prevention in Anaheim tested annually by someone who is certified to do so. Your tester will make sure that your backflow system is working the way it was designed to. If backflow testing reveals that your system is not working, you will need to repair it and have that repair certified in order to remain in compliance. 

At DC Drains & Plumbing, we have the certifications and the expertise you need. Call us today and we’ll come test your system soon. If you require repairs, we can handle those, too. 

Water and Flood Stops

Water stops and flood stops work by turning off your water supply when they detect too much water flow. They can be installed in such a way that they turn off all your water or only water to leaking devices, like a water heater or a water softener. Some of these devices will also sound an alarm when they have to shut off the water.

If you want to prevent water damage in your home, these stops can be a lifesaver. After all, no one wants to spend money on water damage mitigation! Our team can protect your home or your business so you won’t have to worry about flooding again!

Whether you need help with water and flood stop, backflow testing, or backflow prevention in Anaheim, you can rely on the sewer and drain experts at DC Drains & Plumbing. We’ll make sure that your plumbing is working just the way you need it to before we leave. 

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