Has someone recommended a Costa Mesa sewer inspection but you’re not quite sure how that works? Is your realtor asking you if you want a Costa Mesa sewer camera inspection before you buy but you don’t know what that is?

At DC Drains, we would be happy to perform one of these if it’s right for you. Here’s what you need to know to decide how to proceed.

How Does a Costa Mesa Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

sewer camera inspection costa mesa

When we use a sewer inspection camera in Costa Mesa, we send a video camera on a flexible cable down the entire length of your sewer, from your house to the city’s line in the street. Your plumber controls this camera, moving it up and down the line and taking pictures or video as they go.

The camera allows us to see the current state of your sewer. It’s an easy way to get a Costa Mesa sewer inspection so you can see any clogs, cracks, or breaks in your sewer line, as well as other potential problems.

When Does a Video Sewer Inspection Help?

We recommend a Costa Mesa sewer camera inspection when you need to see down inside your sewer line. This can help when you need a sewer repair or a sewer drain cleaning in Costa Mesa. When we can see your clog, we can devise a technique to remove it that is more likely to work the first time.

Our sewer inspection camera in Costa Mesa also comes in handy when you are buying property. It shows you what is going on in the sewer so you don’t unintentionally buy a structure that’s going to have sewer problems later.

The camera can also help you locate lost items. If something gets washed down into your sewer, an inspection can show you if it’s stuck there and retrievable or if it’s gone forever into the city’s line.

Get Your Video Sewer Inspection Today

Call us at DC Drains today or anytime you want to schedule a sewer camera inspection. We will be there fast to complete your sewer drain cleaning in Costa Mesa, to help you with your real estate needs, or to aid in lost item retrieval.

Make your appointment now and we’ll be there with our cameras soon. Our plumbers are always here to help, no matter what comes up or when you need us!

Earthquake damage to a residential home in Costa Mesa

No one likes to think about a city of Costa Mesa sewer emergency. However, these actually happen more often than you might think. While no one wants to imagine a sewer problem, the truth is that being prepared for one is better than leaving yourself unprepared. Here’s what you should do if you experience one of these common Southern California sewer problems.

Earthquake Emergencies

Earthquakes can cause cracks or breaks in your sewer line, which can lead to all sorts of problems. After an earthquake, especially a major one, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Check all of your drains, including outdoor drains or ones you don’t use a lot, like basement drains. If you see sewage coming out, call your emergency plumber right away!
  2. Turn on the water on all of your sinks and flush your toilets. Make sure that doesn’t cause anything to come out of a drain anywhere in the home.
  3. Use your indoor plumbing conservatively. Some sewer problems take time to show up. And a broken line down the street could cause problems for you later on.
  4. Turn on your TV or radio and listen for emergency city of Costa Mesa sewer information.

If you see water or sewage coming up through your drains at any time after an earthquake, call our emergency sewer line services in Costa Mesa. Our sewer experts will get to you fast and stay until your sewer is working again!

Backflow Emergencies

Anytime you see water or sewage coming up out of your drains, it’s time to call for help. Who you call, however, will depend on what you see. And remember, do what you can to avoid backflow emergencies by enlisting DC Drains for regular backflow testing.

  1. If your drains are slow or you only see a little bit of backflow, it’s likely that the line between your house and the city sewer in the street is clogged. Stop using your plumbing and call for a Costa Mesa sewer camera inspection to find out what is going on.
  2. If water won’t go down the drain or it gurgles significantly on the way down, your sewer line may be plugged. Call our emergency sewer line services in Costa Mesa ASAP.
  3. If there is a lot of sewage flowing continuously into your home, chances are that the city line is plugged. Call the city immediately, and call an emergency plumber in Costa Mesa to help in your home!

Emergency Sewer Line Services Costa Mesa

Avoid sudden sewer problems when you call your emergency plumbers at DC Drains for a Costa Mesa sewer camera inspection today. We’ll take a look down your lines and let you know if there’s anything you can fix now (with services like drain cleaning and hydro jetting) so you don’t have a sewer emergency later! And remember, at DC Drains, we offer both residential and commercial plumbing services to Orange County. Don’t hesitate to call when you need help!

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