If you suspect you have a leak on your property, don’t wait until things spiral out of control and lead to costly repairs. Professional leak detection Costa Mesa can mean the difference between a simple fix and ongoing damage that compromises your home. Call the experts at DC Drains & Plumbing today! Here’s what to know about leaks and how a plumber Costa Mesa can help get on top of the problem.

Find Hidden Leaks

when plumbing noises are serious costa mesa ca

Finding a leak is more than looking under your sink or checking your yard for wet spots. When your home settles, the foundation shifts, or a bad storm passes through, you could experience a slab leak Costa Mesa. Sometimes slab leaks can happen for no specific reason and slowly grow. It’s difficult to detect the issue without professional-grade equipment and an experienced plumber Costa Mesa. Leaks can also hide in the pipes in your walls or floors and happen so slowly you barely notice until it’s already caused serious damage.

Get On Top of Your Water Bills

Whether you have a visible leak or a hidden problem going on in your slab, they both cause your water bills to skyrocket. A slab leak repair Costa Mesa or simple fix around your home is essential to stopping the waste. You’ll get on top of your bills and save yourself time and headaches in the long-run.

Stop Leaks Before They Cause Damage

Leaks are more than an annoyance, they also damage your home and health. A leaking pipe can let wastewater into your home or trigger dangerous mold growth. It could also lead to needing new carpet or floors, further driving up your home repair costs. Beyond aesthetics and health, ignoring the problem could compromise the integrity of your foundation with an ongoing slab leak. Call DC Drains & Plumbing today for slab leak repair Costa Mesa to stop the problem and come up with a plan that works for your home.

Protect Your Property Value

Leaks are also a disaster waiting to happen for your property value. When your home is damp, smelly, and growing mold, it compromises its long-term value and your ability to sell it in the future. Sewer and slab leaks can also seep into your yard and kill off healthy grass, trees, and plants without a professional intervention and care. Call us today for leak detection Costa Mesa to ensure the investment in your home is safe.

Focus on Plumbing Maintenance

You can avoid slab leak Costa Mesa by focusing on reliable, ongoing maintenance. Our experienced Costa Mesa plumbers can look over your plumbing and water systems to keep your home in good working order. Ongoing maintenance and slab leak detection Costa Mesa is a small investment compared to the associated costs of major repairs due to leaks and some of the most common plumbing problems.

Call DC Drains Slab Leak Detection Costa Mesa Today

Whether you need leak detection Costa Mesa, plumbing help, maintenance, or even a hot water heater replacement, we can help. DC Drains & Plumbing works on everything you need from water heaters, boilers, drains, sewers, and more to keep your home or business in working order for a seamless, stress-free service experience. Call us today or book your service online for prompt, reliable service.

When you need help in your home or business, you need a plumber in Costa Mesa. We offer reliable service with transparent pricing to help with everything from water heater repair in Costa Mesa to backflow testing in Costa Mesa.

We’ve spent years building our expertise and skills in all areas of residential and commercial plumbing in Orange County and work on both complex projects and a simple request to unclog a drain in Costa Mesa. We’re experts in our field and take pride in our work with a focus on ensuring every job is done with high attention to detail and customer care.

Why Contact DC Drains & Plumbing?

There’s no job too big or too small for our team. Our plumbers in Costa Mesa, California have seen it all from broken faucets to commercial backups and Costa Mesa sewer issues. No matter the issue, we know you want it fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible, and without cutting corners. We strive to get your home back in order and your business up and running with prompt repairs or any specialized services, including backflow testing in Costa Mesa.

Call us at DC Drains & Plumbing to find a plumber in Costa Mesa who can get to your home or place of business right away. We’ll get to know all the unique quirks and specifications of your particular plumbing system to customize solutions to your specific needs.

We also understand the scope of complicated commercial plumbing. Our plumbers in Costa Mesa California know how to tackle projects at a larger scale and address the problems so there are only minimal interruptions to your business.

Call Your Trusted Plumber in Costa Mesa Today

It doesn’t matter if you need water heater repair in Costa Mesa in the middle of the night or during the day. No matter your plumbing problem or clog, we’re here to help. Our plumbers in Costa Mesa California are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you with small issues to emergencies. We’ll carefully assess the issue, come up with a plan, and talk through your options. We also won’t leave until the job is done and your plumbing is secure.

At DC Drains & Plumbing, we offer prompt, reliable service that we’re proud to stand behind. If you need a plumber in Costa Mesa, call us today. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with our service and get right to work. We’re here to take the burden off your shoulders and get your plumbing working again.

Call us now to get an appointment with one of our experts soon!

All of the water in your home is supposed to flow one direction. It comes in through fresh water pipes, flows through your system as you need it, then leaves via the sewer. As long as things work this way, all is well.

When water starts flowing the opposite direction, that’s called backflow. It’s important to stop backflow because this dirty water can end up in the water supply or in the ocean, where it could harm sea life. That’s why people are required to install devices for backflow prevention in Costa Mesa.

What Makes Costa Mesa Backflow Happen?

Backflow usually happens because of pressure differences. If the pressure in your home is greater or less than that of your water supply, you can end up with backflow. This may happen when there’s a storm or when the city does water or sewer line work and does things like opening fire hydrants, etc.

How to Prevent Backflow Costa Mesa

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The best way to stop backflow is to install a backflow prevention device and utilize backflow testing in Costa Mesa. These devices are easy for a skilled plumber to install.

Once you have them in, you’ll need to get them tested regularly. We do a DC backflow test, performed by our backflow tester in Costa Mesa. The results will tell you if your system is working properly.

Costa Mesa Backflow Prevention Options

There are a wide variety of Costa Mesa backflow prevention devices you can install. Some, like air gap devices, are not mechanical. Most of them, though, have some sort of mechanism that helps ensure the water in your system only flows one direction.

Some of these devices are designed to work on a single faucet, if you have one that tends to have backflow issues. Others work on your whole system at once to prevent backflow across faucets.

Which One is Best For Me?

The one that’s best for you will depend on the specifics of your plumbing system. When you call us for backflow testing in Costa Mesa, we will test your system. If we find signs of backflow problems, we can recommend the devices that we think will work the best for you, given the specifics of your home and your plumbing.

Reach out to our Costa Mesa plumbers at DC Drains & Plumbing today to stop backflow. Our DC backflow test and backflow prevention in Costa Mesa can help you prevent all sorts of plumbing problems. Get on our schedule now!

Do you worry about your commercial plumbing in Orange County? Being familiar with the most common plumbing problems businesses face can help you recognize issues when they pop up so you can call the commercial plumbers in Orange County at DC Drains & Plumbing and get them fixed right away.

Commercial Drain Clogs

People put all sorts of things down commercial drains and they can all cause problems there. If your drains aren’t working or are getting slow, call us and our Orange County commercial plumbers will unclog your drain in Costa Mesa today.

Commercial Faucet Leaks

If your faucets are leaking, you’re spending too much money on your water bills every month. Call our Orange County commercial plumbers to get your faucets fixed fast so you’ll be able to spend that money somewhere else.

Commercial Running Toilets

plumber la habra

Running toilets can waste quite a bit of water, too. If you have one or two that just never seem to shut off, call us and we’ll fix your commercial toilets today.

Commercial Toilet Clogs

Toilet clogs in commercial toilets are the worst, because so many people rely on those bathrooms every day. Call on our Orange County commercial plumbing team, instead, and we’ll unclog your drain in Costa Mesa and help you keep it that way.

Commercial Broken Toilets

Toilets can break in so many ways. You may have a toilet with a broken handle or one with broken internal parts. No matter what breaks, we can fix it and get it running for you again soon.

Commercial Sewer Smells

If you smell sewage, you need help ASAP. Smelling sewage usually means there’s a clog or a block in your line. We’ll clear it before you end up with sewage all over your business.

Hidden Leaks on Commercial Property

If you have a leak behind a wall, it can do major damage before you even know it’s there. If you have one of these, call our Costa Mesa emergency plumber to get it fixed today.

Commercial Water Temperature Issues

If your hot water isn’t lasting or isn’t hot anymore, call our team for commercial water heater repair in Costa Mesa. We’ll find the issue and fix it so your business will have warm water again soon.

Commercial Water Pressure Issues

If your water pressure suddenly drops, you need an expert in commercial plumbing in Orange County to find out why and to get it working again soon. Call now!

Commercial Plumbers in Orange County

Don’t put off calling your Orange County commercial plumber or your Costa Mesa emergency plumber from DC Drains & Plumbing. We’ll get to your business fast, find the problem, and solve it before we leave again.

Many people hesitate to call a 24 hour Costa Mesa emergency plumber because they’re afraid that their plumbing issue doesn’t actually qualify as an emergency. While we would rather you call than wait around or live in an uncomfortable situation, we also understand.

Here’s what you need to know about plumbing emergencies so you can decide when to call for emergency plumbing or emergency sewer line services in Costa Mesa.

What Qualifies as a Plumbing Emergency?

emergency plumbing costa mesa

It’s a good idea to call a Costa Mesa emergency plumber when:

  • Your plumbing problem is causing a flood and you can’t stop it without shutting off all the water to your house
  • Your plumbing problem is causing a sewer backup. This can cause illness and usually smells terrible!
  • Your plumbing problem means you can’t use all or part of your plumbing system.
  • You feel like it’s an emergency, even if you’re not sure why.

How Long Does a Costa Mesa Emergency Plumber Take?

When you call our 24 hour Costa Mesa emergency plumber, we will get to you as soon as we can. This is nearly always within 24 hours and usually is quite a bit faster than that.

Once there, we will stabilize the situation. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Beyond that, we may need to do more work or return during regular business hours to complete your repair entirely.

How Much Does a Costa Mesa Emergency Plumber Cost?

The cost of your Costa Mesa emergency plumber or emergency sewer line services will depend on what is going on in your home. We charge hourly for emergency services and you may have parts costs, as well.

Keep in mind that we will always make every effort to keep your costs down. We know that plumbing problems can be expensive and we won’t ever do anything that is not absolutely necessary to prevent further damage and disaster. If you’re particularly concerned about cost, talk to our emergency plumber before they begin to let them know.

Get Emergency Plumbing Help Today

Call us at DC Drains & Plumbing whenever you require an emergency plumber in Costa Mesa. We’ll get to you fast and fix your problem as soon as we can because we know you can’t live well without good plumbing. Call now so our plumbers in Costa Mesa can get to you soon and get you the plumbing help you need!

A newly installed sink in Costa Mesa

Our plumbers from DC Drains & Plumbing will install any plumbing fixtures that you want to use in your house. Before we leave, we’ll make sure the new fixture is working just the way you need it to and that you’re satisfied with our work! We can also provide ideas about fixtures that will work well and match the aesthetic of your home.

Whenever you need plumbing installation in Orange County, call us right away!

We Can Repair and Install Any Plumbing Fixture

There’s no plumbing fixture we won’t install for you! Call us whenever you need:

  • Drains
  • Faucets
  • Showers and Showerheads
  • Bathtubs
  • Sinks
  • Dishwashers
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Toilets
  • Water Filters
  • Water Heaters
  • And more!

No matter what you need, your plumber from DC Drains & Plumbing will get your Costa Mesa plumbing installations finished fast!

Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures

We can help you with everything from changing out a few fixtures to a total kitchen remodel. Our team will make sure your kitchen looks great and works optimally before we leave.

Garbage Disposals

We’ll get you a powerful garbage disposal that you can rely on no matter what, and make sure it’s working well for you, too! Our appliance installation team will get the job done to your satisfaction.

Sinks & Faucets

Update your sink and faucet to change the look of your whole kitchen. We can show you how. Our sink and faucet installation team will upgrade your kitchen fast!


We’ll make sure your new dishwasher won’t leak or cause other water damage issues in your home.

Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Improve the look and functionality of your bathroom and use less water, too! We’ll make sure you’re completely happy with your bathroom before we leave.

Bathtubs, Showers, & More

We’ll handle your new bathtub, shower, or shower head installation ASAP. Give us a call and we’ll be there soon!


When you need a new toilet or a bidet installation, rely on us to complete the job quickly and efficiently!

Sinks & Faucets

When you need new bathroom sink or faucet installation, our team specializing in Costa Mesa plumbing installations will be there right away

Water Filtration

Get the water filtration power you’ve always wanted. Our water filtration installation team will help improve your water quality with a single appliance installation. Stop worrying about what you’re drinking and call us today!

At DC Drains & Plumbing, our plumbers are ready and waiting to handle any plumbing installation in Orange County that you need to have done. Call now and improve your plumbing today!

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